The death toll has increased again as countries struggle to contain the outbreak. In particular, new statistics from Liberia are significantly raising fears that containing the outbreak may be more challenging than previously thought.

The latest official numbers from the World Health Organization as of the 6th of September 2014 shows 4269 cases and 2288 deaths in the current outbreak with 2046 of the cases from Liberia (05/09/2014) and 1361 from Sierra Leone. Guinea accounts for 862 cases and 555 deaths as of the latest official counts.

8 districts with previous cases have not reported any new cases in 3 weeks which may be a sign that the spread is being prevented in these areas. However, critics are quick to point out that those areas are possibly under full lock-down preventing the flow of information and raising human rights questions.

Senegal still has only 1 confirmed case with 2 suspected, while Nigeria has grown slightly to 19 cases being confirmed and 2 more waiting for official diagnosis. The Nigerian media reported yesterday that their government had downplayed the infections claiming that it was a small number and well contained. There is no evidence to doubt the Nigerian authorities at this stage.

There are suspected cases in several other countries outside of Africa including India & Italy, however, until these cases are confirmed, all processes should be viewed as precautionary measures taken by the authorities of those countries.

These numbers are focused on the West African outbreak while the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has less than 100 confirmed cases to date. Numbers for the Congo outbreak will become clearer over the next few days as more focus is placed on Ebola by governments and people around the world. Currently there has not been an established link between the DRC and the West African outbreaks.