A health care worker has tested positive for Ebola according to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where Thomas Duncan the first American Ebola case was treated. Blood samples have been sent to the CDC for final confirmation. According to reports the nurse showed symptoms of a fever on Friday evening with the initial test results received late Saturday.

No detail or information has been provided as yet however speculation is rife that this is likely one of the health care workers that came into contact with Duncan on his first visit to the hospital when he was sent home. There is a low probability that an infection would have occurred once the hospital knew they were dealing with Ebola. Health care workers have been infected at an alarming frequency throughout the Ebola outbreak.

Contact tracing has already begun following a patient interview by health officials and monitoring off any suspected contacts generated from this case will likely begin immediately. The patient was admitted and isolated shortly after exhibiting the initial symptoms which should minimize the potential time the virus has to spread.

False positive tests are a possibility and the case will only be confirmed as official once the CDC confirms them with a second test result.

UPDATE: The worker treated Duncan on his second visit to the hospital and was following all guideline precautions including PPE.

UPDATE: President Obama has requested an urgent investigation into the case.

UPDATE: The CDC has confirmed the test results officially