The World Health Organization has released its Roadmap update which now includes the United States of America. The total number of Ebola cases has risen to 7470 with 3431 death reported. 70 cases and 43 deaths are reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo which is counted separately as an unrelated outbreak of EVD. The data contained in the report is taken from official Health Ministries in affected countries as of the 30th of September 2014.

Nigeria and Senegal have both completed their 21 day follow up time frames for known contacts giving further credit to their claims that Ebola has been contained in their countries. The USA is listed with 1 case as confirmed by the CDC on the 30th of September. Total contact numbers for the United States are not available from the report as investigations are ongoing.

Healthcare workers are still at significant risk with the total number of deaths at 218. The high incidence of transmission from patient to HCWs is concerning given the already challenging ratio of patients to caregivers in the so called hot-zone which includes Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Data from the three hardest hit countries continues to deteriorate with glaring inconsistencies. Overwhelmed infrastructure is cited as a contributor to data discrepancies in some instances. The most notable anomaly is Liberia’s report indicating 3 more deaths than confirmed cases which is attributed to insufficient capacity for testing in laboratories.

Additionally the situation in Liberia appears to be worsening rapidly despite foreign assistance. More than 100 beds have been made available in the last week and all have been filled. The strange data reporting indicates severe strain on official Health Services in the country and recent restrictions placed on the press by the Liberian Government also raise concern.

3 October WHO Roadmap Update