The Spanish Nurse who became the first known person in the world to contract Ebola outside of the West African ‘Hotzone’ is claimed to have contracted the virus due to poor standards in protocol implementation. Many media houses are reporting the staff were not properly briefed on appropriate treatment procedures. Three more, including the Nurse’s husband have now been hospitalized and up to thirty more are being monitored.

Early symptoms of Ebola mimic the flu and may begin as soon as 2 days after infection. Typically symptoms become visible 2 weeks after contact with virus and progress rapidly from the 7th day onward. Ebola is only infectious once you are showing symptoms. The four Spaniards will now be monitored consistently in the hopes that their condition improves. Yesterday it was reported that Norway was repatriating a citizen who contracted the virus. The Norwegian arrived today.

Member States of the European Union were always considered more high risk due to the high levels of tourism and migration but it is rather unexpected that the failings to implement proper procedure would result in transference. The question now will be about treatment plans for those who are infected and ensuring that treatment protocols are properly adhered to. Yesterday the United States announced that Thomas Eric Duncan was receiving experimental treatment. This could be a possible treatment or the nurse if needs be.

UPDATE: One of the people hospitalized has tested negative for Ebola.