The Center for Disease Control has dispatched a team to Dallas raising suspicions that the suspected Ebola case reported on Monday will be confirmed in the upcoming hours. Previous suspected cases have not resulted in the dispatch of a team. Dallas County Health officials have confirmed that a CDC team is en route from Atlanta in case the test results are positive. Samples for testing are sent to the CDC in Atlanta with a typical turn around time of 24-48 hours before results are confirmed. It has additionally been reported that a sample was sent to Austin for testing as well.

Contact tracing has already begun according to Health and Human Services officials with investigations under way to begin confirming the list of people that have had contact with the patient. The Doctor who has spent several days in the general public was admitted with “Typical Ebola Symptoms”.  The official test results are expected later today but it is feared that there is a high probability of a positive result based on the history and symptoms of the patient.

This will be the first test of the capabilities of the American Health Care system as previous cases isolated in New York and Sacramento tested negative and did not attract sufficient interest from the CDC to warrant a response team deployment. If the case is confirmed as positive the announcement will likely come from the Executive Leadership of the USA in an official Press statement. The hospital involved has confirmed that maximum precautions are currently in place with all CDC recommendations being followed.

No details regarding the patient have been released as yet except where required as part of the contact tracing and surveillance process.