The pet dog of the Spanish Nurse who contracted Ebola from a missionary will be put down. The local government reached the decision due to the fact that pets are able to carry Ebola. They had to obtain a court order to do so because the family objected to the decision of the local government. The decision was likely influenced by a study that was conducted by Allela, L et al. for the¬†Centre International de Recherches M√©dicales de Franceville in Gabon. The study proved that dogs could carry the virus and that “putative infection is asymptomatic”. In August this year Liberian Media also reported that dogs were eating infected corpses that had not been buried raising fears in communities that the virus would spread more quickly.

Meanwhile, the nurse is still receiving treatment and her husband is still in isolation. Two other patients were isolated earlier today but one has already tested negative. The European Health Care System is under pressure to instill confidence after a few blunders with the first Ebola patient in the United States.

President Barack Obama said in a Press Conference “we have learnt lessons” and reiterated the United States’ “World Class Health System”. The United States focused on key points of spreading the word about necessary protocols which were shown off in a potential case in Cobb County last week. The drastic improvement in response secured the reputation of the United States as having one of the best Health Care systems in the world.

Meanwhile in Norway a MSF worker has arrived home for treatment. Local Norwegian Media are reporting that the patient will receive the last dose of the experimental drug ZMapp. Yesterday the CDC Director in the United States announced to Anderson Cooper on CNN that ZMapp supply had run out. Questions are now sure to arise around why the United States did not secure the final dose for Thomas Duncan, and why it went to the Norweigen instead. The dose of ZMapp is currently in Canada and will be sent to Norway soon. Duncan is believed to be on the experimental drug Brincidofovir which is manufactured by Chimerix.

Information on the potential of animals to carry the virus can be found on the CDC’s website.

UPDATE: The Dog has been put down (8 October 2014).