More than 5000 false reports have occurred since the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in the United States during the 2014 outbreak. Today, a person claiming to have had contact with ‘patient zero’, Thomas Eric Duncan, was taken for testing at a hospital in Frisco, Texas. The patient is said to be exhibiting symptoms of Ebola.

A Press Conference was held shortly after 3:30pm CT in Texas. Chief Mark Piland of the Frisco Fire Department confirmed that a patient was being tested. The person was confirmed as having been in the apartment and had also been in contact with family members of Duncan but did not have any contact with the index patient. Mayor of Frisco Maher Maso said that the “risk is minimal” and also added that they were “taking all precautions”.

It was confirmed that they were following the protocols laid out by the CDC and were waiting for further information. The case was dealt with in conjunction with Care Now Officials. The patient is currently at a hospital in Dallas.

If this case is confirmed it will be the first contact indirectly related to Duncan to be diagnosed with the virus.

Thomas Duncan died earlier today.