The Department of Heath denied reports this morning to eNCA journalist, Uveka Rangappa that Ebola had come to the country. The story was originally reported by OFM. Joe Malia, for the Department of Health, confirmed that an elderly man was being treating for a fever in Potchefstroom but claimed that it was very likely not Ebola. He said that the patient had not traveled outside South Africa and given the lack of index patient considered it low risk. He added that despite the low risk all precautions were being taken and the man would of course be tested just in case.

Yesterday Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security echoed President Obama and reconfirmed that five major airports would implement new security measures. The Airports to be affected would be JFK, Newark, Washington Dulles, Chicago O’Hare and Atlanta. He also said that measures would include issuing ‘do not board’ orders, information and guidance to travelers, notices at airports and ‘care sheets’ for travelers. He also added that prevention would focus on targeted questions, temperature checking with non-contact thermometers and US based contact information collection.

South Africa has had temperature screening at all major Airports since the swine flu epidemic. All international arrivals are expected to stand in front of the monitor regardless of where you are coming from. If this patient is confirmed as positive they would be the first patient for the 2014 West African Outbreak. South Africa also had 2 cases of Ebola in 1996 which resulted in one death.