Here’s a round-up of the day’s news:

  • The home of the American Nurse who tested positive after treating index patient Thomas Eric Duncan has been placed under quarantine. Director of the US CDC, Thomas Frieden, said that their was a breach in protocol with lead to her infection. Meanwhile, on the heels of the outrage after a Spanish Nurse’s pet dog, Excalibur, was put down, the Texas Presbyterian Hospital worker’s pet was found in her apartment. The public were reassured that the pet would be dealt with in a humane manner. The family of the nurse has requested privacy and we are unlikely to learn more about the patient.
  • The LA Times reports that a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last month found that 12.9% of people infected with Ebola do not have high fevers. This is reported shortly after new security measures were introduced at 5 US airports, including non-contact thermometers.
  • The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has said that he believes it is only a matter of time before Ebola comes to the UK and most likely London. He also said that screening measures at airports would not be enough as people recently infected would not be symptomatic yet. London Heathrow Airport is the third busiest in the world and handles the most international travelers globally.
  • A dispute in hazard pay in Liberia has prompted some health care workers to go on strike. Officials have pleaded with nurses to arrive for work on Monday. The workers are demanding US$ 700 monthly as hazard pay. The workers will also receive their salary which is around US$200 – 300. Currently hazard pay is below US$ 500.
  • As the situation in West Africa deteriorates many people are fleeing to countries they perceive will be safer. Among the top destinations is South Africa. The Health Minister said that caution should be exercised but warned that it should not become a catalyst for xenophobic sentiments.
  • The Spanish Nurse who is being treated at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid is said to be in good spirits. Maria Theresa Romero Ramos is still alive and Doctors believe will stand a good chance if she makes the weekend. Her body is believed to be producing antibodies which further increase her chances.
  • Chocolate producers are concerned about their yields in West Africa. Production is lower due to the effects of the Ebola Outbreak.