On the back of the third American Ebola case the last 24 hours has seen an astounding number of suspected cases with all of them turning up false. It seems that fear has gripped the Western world as the possibility of an outbreak in developed countries increases. Here are the highlights of the day:

  • Amber Vinson was transported to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta yesterday touching down at 7:45 US-ET. She contracted the virus after treating index patient Thomas Duncan. She traveled from Cleveland with a low-grade fever. She had contacted the CDC to report that she had a slight fever and was told that it would be safe for her to travel. Further scandal erupted as she was escorted onto the plane. All escorts were in hazmat suits, except one person. He got close to her, disposed of linens and got onto the plane with no protective gear. He was carrying a clipboard and hence has been dubbed ‘clipboard man’ by social media. Emory University Hospital is considered to have a better treatment track record than Texas Health Presbyterian. No infections have occurred after previous treatment of Ebola patients at the Atlanta hospital. Amber was first accused of violating protocol by boarding a commercial flight.
  • Spain has now activated all Ebola protocols on an Air France flight which landed at Barajas International Airport in Madrid carrying a Nigerian man who began shaking vigorously on the flight. There were 163 people on board the flight. The plane will be disinfected.
  • Fox News is reporting that the CDC has considered adding the names of Ebola contacts to the no fly list. This comes in response to the CDC giving the all clear to a nurse to fly when she had a fever.
  • A Danish Doctors without Borders employee who was hospitalized in Denmark today has tested negative. Tests will be redone in 24 hours as a precaution.
  • It is reported by the NY Post that 911 dispatchers in New York must use the letters F and T together F/T to indicate Fever and Travel instead of the word Ebola. Dispatchers also tell units to use Universal Precautions. Given the presence of this story in the media, that is likely to change.
  • As fear and panic about Ebola spreads, one woman has decided to take matters into her own hands. She appeared in the waiting room at Washington-Dulles Airport, wearing her own partial hazmat suit. A pack of twelve Dupont Tychem 127 Polycoated Tyvek Hazmat suits will set you back US $ 324.99 on Ebay.
  • And finally, CNSnews.com is reporting that Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDC said, during a telephone press briefing on Wednesday, that one cannot get Ebola from sitting next to someone on a bus, but people infected with Ebola should avoid public transport because they might infect someone else.