A woman who collapsed and died in a New York City salon has tested negative for Ebola. She had originally traveled from Guinea three weeks ago and was being monitored for symptoms of the virus. Eyewitness’s said she was bleeding from her mouth while others said it appeared to be a heart attack. Tests were run as an exercise of caution. Here is a summary of the news:

  • The Queen of England earlier this week spoke about the danger of the media focusing too much on the fight against Ebola. She raised concerns that excessive attention focused on the hemorrhagic fever would detract from other, more widespread diseases. Malaria leads to the death of more people in one week than the entire known death toll of Ebola during 2014.
  • The Daily Mail reports that groups traveling to Liberia wanting to test homeopathic remedies have accused the World Health Organization of not allowing Ebola to be cured with their treatments, which includes Rattlesnake venom, after they were denied access to patients. Critics of their treatments have been described as ‘armchair intellectuals’. The online publication also lists Prince Charles as a supporter of homeopathy but does not indicate his opinion of the effectiveness of the practice regarding the Ebola virus.
  • The Liberian Observer reports that Turkey has donated 136 boxes of medical and hygiene supplies to the nation for the fight against Ebola. Most Ebola Treatment Units in and around the capital Monrovia have seen a decline in the amount of patients seeking treatment indicating that progress has been made.
  • Japan Today reports that Fujifilm Holdings Corp’s pharmaceutical division Toyama Chemical Co. has announced their expectation that Avigan 200mg tablets will be approved for the treatment of Ebola by the end of the year if current clinical trials in Guinea are successful. The tablet has been administered to patients in France, Germany, Spain and Norway with all patients recovering. It is unclear which concomitant treatments the patients received.