The last few days have seen some positive progress in the fight against Ebola but still the virus continues to wreak havoc in some parts of West Africa. Here is a summary of the top stories:

  •  The Spanish Nurse, Maria Theresa Romero Ramos, who contracted Ebola after treating a missionary in Madrid, seems to have recovered. She was treated with antibodies donated from an Ebola survivor. No confirmations were given as to which experimental drugs she received but it was reported that the Spanish government had secured a dose of ZMapp. She will be tested over the next 3 days before it becomes official.
  • Brussels has begun screening passengers from affected countries. This comes a short while after Belgium publicly defended their decision not to impose screening methods. A spokesperson for Brussels Airport said that everything went well.
  • After rumors surfaced that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) was looking for alternative hosts for the African Cup of Nations, South Africa has come out saying they would not host the January 2015 event. Sports Minister Fikile Mbabula called it a “NO NO” and said that it would negatively affect the budget that had been laid out for the country.
  • People who were monitored by the CDC after having being exposed to index patient Thomas Eric Duncan have been released from isolation. They were released because they have shown no symptoms after the virus’ incubation period. Among those kept in isolation were his fiancée, her children and family who were kept under armed guard at a gated home in Oak Cliff, Dallas.
  • The woman from Nigeria who was hospitalized and isolated in Dublin, Ireland has tested negative for the virus. Meanwhile, Nigeria has not had a single case for six weeks and has therefore been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization.
  • The British Nurse, William Pooley, who had been flown from Sierra Leone to London to be treated for Ebola has returned to the West African nation to help fight the virus. Pooley survived the virus after extensive treatment and receiving the experimental drug ZMapp. It is believed that once a person has had Ebola they are not as susceptible to the particular strain they had.
  • President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia has called for global action to help fight the virus in her country. She said that a generation was being lost and asked for assistance in terms of all necessary equipment to prevent further tragedy in her country.
  • The family of Nurse Amber Vinson has spoken out against critics and said that she was in no way negligent or careless. The family of index patient Thomas Duncan have also spoken to media, telling WFAA that they are thankful for health care workers’ sacrifice and saying that while they were happy to be out of isolation it was now time to mourn Thomas’s death.