The Red Cross has said that closing borders is not the solution to ending the Ebola Outbreak. This comes on the heels of calls from within the United States to consider a travel ban. On Sunday, Rwanda issued a notice that they would be screening all travelers from Ebola affected countries with an outright ban on travel from four African Nations. Rwanda has not yet been affected by the virus. Here is a summary of the day’s news:


  • The NBC cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo, has recovered from Ebola after contracting the virus in Liberia. He said that he still was not able to pinpoint the exact reason he contracted Ebola but said he had been around many sick people. He also said he was grateful to be alive. He has been receiving treatment from a hospital in Nebraska, USA.
  • The Spanish Nurse, Maria Romero, has officially tested negative for the disease. Four consecutive tests ruled that she no longer had the virus but follow up tests will be performed. Roughly 15 contacts were isolated as a result but none have tested positive so far.
  • Dr. Thomas Frieden of the United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has said that all travelers from affected countries will now be monitored. Travelers will have to report their temperatures for 21 days to the CDC and also fill in a health card.
  • South Africa’s Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, said that R32.6 million would be set aside for Ebola control and prevention as well as support for affected nations. The speech was delivered in Cape Town today.
  • A riot broke out in Sierra Leone recently as health workers tried to test a 90 year old woman for Ebola. A group of people went on the rampage allegedly yelling for Ebola to end and damaging several buildings. Meanwhile, the Editor of the largest paper in Sierra Leone has accused the government of deflating the number of deaths. The validity of her claims has not been established.