The vaccine being developed by GlaxoKlineSmith in conjunction with the NIH this week posted positive results in the New England Journal of Medicine. An increase in Ebola fighting anti-bodies was observed after treatment. Larger trials will begin in Liberia in January. Here is a round-up of the news:


  • The Head of an Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia has urged for more education and awareness regarding the lifespan of Ebola in semen. He claims that many Ebola survivors are practicing unsafe sex which places other individuals at risk. It is currently advised that unprotected sex should be avoided for three months to ensure the Ebola virus is no longer present in reproductive fluids.
  •  The Daily Mail UK reports that two children who had been vacationing in Africa are currently being tested for Ebola in a hospital in Newcastle. Officials say that it is unlikely that either of the children has the virus but every precaution must be taken.
  •  The Standard Times Press of Sierra Leone reports that President Koroma on Sunday cut the tape to open a US $300 000 Ebola Treatment Center in Makeni. The Center was funded by Addax Bioenergy as part of their Makeni Project development which aims to modernize the sugar cane industry in a sustainable way to help fuel green energy initiatives.
  • Germany has received a new specialized jet to transport Ebola patients. The Airbus A340-300 is equipped with full isolation equipment and all other necessary safeguards. A press release called it “the world’s only evacuation facility…” Germany has contributed more than €100million to fighting the virus.
  • After Morocco decided not to host the African Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea, who co-hosted the event in 2012, has stepped in. The nation’s officials have asked for calm surrounding Ebola concerns and said that every precaution will be taken to ensure health and safety.