Early reports that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia, which acts as the seat of the President, may have been affected by the Ebola outbreak have begun to surface.

Initial information is vague and no official or public announcement has been made by the Government of Liberia. However it appears that there has been one documented death and one patient placed under quarantine.

On Monday a staff member’s wife passed away and is suspected to have contracted the Ebola virus from her sister who had died prior. It is believed that physical contact during prayers are responsible for the spread of the virus. In this instance reminders about minimizing physical contact with infected persons have once again come to the forefront.

Earlier this week Liberia raised strong concerns and fears to the United Nations. Later, the same concerns were raised at the African Union’s emergency meeting in Ethiopia to discuss the outbreak and potential solutions. The AU has already committed to provide aid to the affected regions dispatching medical assistance, trained professionals and financial aid.

The World Health Organization has also raised concerns about the situation in Liberia. There is a growing debate that the current measures being taken are not sufficient and that the situation could spiral out of control. Liberia has been the hardest hit by the epidemic and there are multiple reports of patients being turned away by hospitals as doctors struggle to keep up with the increasing number of Ebola cases in the region.

It is expected that the government will release an official statement regarding the alleged spread of the virus at the seat of the Presidency.