A Press Conference was held today as a panel of Texan Officials gave an update on the Ebola case that was diagnosed yesterday in Dallas. The patient, who had traveled from Liberia, tested positive for the disease after being placed in isolation on the 28th. The patient had originally sought help on the 26th of September 2014 sparking criticism from spectators. Today, Dr. Mark Lester confirmed that the nurse had followed checklist that was in place by the hospital under CDC guidelines and that the patient did answer the question related to where they had travelled from. The patient did not give the nurse exact details according to the panel but said they had been in Africa, mentioning Liberia.

Earlier today many social networks lit up with multiple people asking questions about why the patient was sent home. Dr. Lester responded to that saying that the information between the nurse and other medical practitioners had not being properly communicated. Because of this the team had not factored in all information and suspected the patient of having a “low-grade” infection.

The panel confirmed that they were working with all relevant parties to make sure that they did everything necessary to ensure that the virus would not spread. It was claimed during the press conference that the hospital was sophisticated and that it was a completely different situation than in West Africa. The response has drawn criticism from some members of the public. Most notably, Real Estate tycoon Donald Trump took to twitter to express the following, “The United States must immediately institute strong travel restrictions or Ebola will be all over the United States-a plague like no other!” The CDC last night said that the risk of Ebola spreading was not majorly significant which was once again confirmed by the panel today. Trump’s criticism sparked some tongue in cheek responses like “worse than you?” and “You’re a plague.”

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UPDATE: Counter reports have begun surfacing that the patient’s sister has begun speaking to media. We cannot in anyway confirm this but will keep you posted should this turn out to be accurate.