The World Health Organization has released another situation update regarding the Ebola outbreak which comes sooner than expected showing a sharp increase in the number of cases. The total number of West African cases has increased to 5335 with 2662 deaths reported. However in a positive turn the rate of infection being reported by Guinea shows a downward trend. The data presented has been derived from information gathered by the Health Ministries of the affected countries up to the 14th of September 2014.

Nigeria and Senegal have reported stable numbers with no change in the total number of cases confirming reports and claims from within both countries that they have successfully contained current infections in their respective nations. Potential contacts will remain under surveillance until mid October when the outbreak will be declared fully contained if no new cases are reported.

The situation in Liberia and Sierra Leone continues to deteriorate with several new cases reported. Sierra Leone is currently preparing for a controversial lock down of several regions in an attempt to prevent further spread of the disease. Liberia this week requested support from foreign leaders including the already approved military support from the USA. President Obama announced earlier this week that 3000 troops would be deployed to assist in containing the Ebola outbreak.

Liberia still has a significant challenge in provisioning beds to deal with new patients. According to the report the current availability is only sufficient for 20% of the requirement. Sierra Leone is currently able to provision 25% of the required number of beds. This week has seen several large donations of money as well as equipment, including beds, to assist the West African region in its efforts to treat Ebola patients.

The Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo recorded 71 cases as of the 15th of September 2014. The outbreak in the DRC is considered unrelated to the West African outbreak of Ebola.

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