The latest update has been released by the World Health Organization with indications that the situation in Sierra Leone and Liberia is worsening while Guinea appears stable. The total case count has increased to 6242 however the report alludes to data discrepancies from Liberia raising concerns that the total number of cases in the country could be far higher than reported by the official Health Ministry.  The death toll has risen to 2909 according to the fifth Roadmap report including the death of 208 health workers in the region.

WHO reports that in areas where contact tracing is possible at least 90% of contacts are under surveillance but no indication is given as to the total number of contacts being monitored in the so called ‘hot zone’ of the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Global reports have emerged over the last week suggesting that Liberia and Sierra Leone are unable to monitor the situation sufficiently given the widespread outbreak with Sierra Leone announcing further quarantine measures today effectively isolating areas which house well over 1 million citizens. The data from the Sierra Leone lockdown which revealed more than 350 new cases has not yet been accounted for in the official figures but is expected to be ready for collation by the next reporting interval.

Senegal and Nigeria have remained stable however at least 4 Nigerian nationals have been placed in isolation across the world in the last 48 hours in order to conduct tests for the virus after they showed early symptoms. Currently Australia, India, Switzerland and Turkey have suspected Ebola cases under quarantine but to date all suspected cases outside of Africa have tested negative.

Alarming reports have emerged  claiming that the bodies of Ebola victims are being disposed of in rivers and other water sources primarily in Monrovia. Although Ebola is not known to be waterborne it remains concerning and could result in the further spread of the virus. EVD victims continue to be infectious postmortem and contact risk is increased if bodies are not properly buried.

Office Who Roadmap Update 24 September 2014