Updated information and numbers were released by the World Health Organization earlier today confirming previous reports that the total number of cases is now slightly under 5000. The official number has climbed to 4963 cases with 2453 deaths. The update is based on data provided by the Ministries of Health in Sierra Leone and Guinea on the 13th of September while the data for Liberia is from the 9th of September 2014.

Guinea reported the highest death rate at 64% with 595 reported deaths out of 936 reported cases. 308 of the cases were confirmed in the last 21 days reaffirming an increase in the rate at which the disease is spreading. Sierra Leone reported a higher growth rate with 40% of the 1620 cases being reported in the last 21 days of which 562 deaths have occurred.

The lack of updates from the Liberian Ministry is cause for concern on the back of reports that the outbreak is no longer controllable in the country. However it must be assumed that confirmations on the total cases and death tolls are simply delayed by the growing epidemic. The Liberian government has directly requested aid from international partners including a request to the USA for military assistance.

Senegal remained stable at 1 confirmed case and there are no reports or indications that the neighboring countries have been affected. Nigerian reports indicate 21 cases with 8 deaths supporting statements from the Nigerian government that the situation has been kept under control following the initial outbreak in Port Harcourt.

The outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to be tracked separately from the West African outbreak with the most recent official WHO figures reporting 62 cases and no deaths as of the 10th of September 2014. The first case was reported in the DRC on the 26th of August 2014.