The first Roadmap update for October has been released by the World Health Organization. The data includes reporting up to the 28th of September 2014. The official case total for the West African outbreak has risen to 7178 with 3338 confirmed deaths and strong indications that the case rate is increasing in several districts. This report does not include data on the USA case which was confirmed on the 30th of September 2014.

Guinea and Liberia both show some signs of a slowing case rate in some districts but Sierra Leone continues to deteriorate according the to WHO. Several reports have emerged in the last weeks indicating under reporting of cases or the outright inability of the worst affected countries to maintain accurate data on the Ebola outbreak. The Roadmap report makes mention of anecdotal evidence to support the statements made by experts and media in this regard. Nigeria and Senegal continue to report stable numbers via their Health Ministries with 891 contacts under surveillance in Nigeria. The Democratic Republic of Congo has now reported 42 deaths from 70 cases in the unrelated outbreak.

The last few days have seen multiple suspected cases around the world and dozens of reports suggesting infections beyond the current official list of infected countries. The USA yesterday confirmed the first importation of the virus to America with a confirmed case in Dallas. The Namibian Government was also forced to distance itself from comments made by its own Health Minister who implied that Zimbabwe had already suffered an Ebola outbreak. Zimbabwe has reportedly quarantined more than 100 individuals in recent weeks in its efforts to prevent an outbreak in the Southern African country. To date there has been no confirmation that any cases of Ebola exist outside of the following countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, Nigeria, DRC and the USA.

1 October WHO Ebola Update