Sierra  Leone released an official update yesterday showing a climb in the total number of Ebola cases to 2317 for the period between the 23rd of May 2014 and the 28th of September 2014 resulting in 570 reported deaths. The case fatality rate (CFR) has been reported as 25% by the Health Ministry. Port Loko, Kenema and Bombali remain particularly hard hit reporting several new cases in recent days.

The CFR report is questionable due to the fact that Ebola typically has a very high mortality rate with several strains exhibiting mortality rates of 90%. The under-reporting appears to be as a result of the counting method applied in the country which allegedly does not include deaths occurring outside of Government facilities in the official tally. The 2014 Ebola outbreak is reported to have killed 70% of its victims so far inferring that the death toll in Sierra Leone should be closer to 1622. The report also indicates that a total of 13687 contacts have been identified over the course of the outbreak.

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Sierra Leone issued a further press release yesterday after receiving information that residents of Bombali, Port Loko and Koinadugu had begun celebrating the end of Ebola. The Ministry reminded residents that Ebola remained a high threat and that no cure has yet been confirmed. The citizens were told that the state of emergency prevented them from gathering in public and basic Ebola prevention guidelines were reiterated.

Earlier today the Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone met with the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the Ebola outbreak. Joint efforts between the UN and Sierra Leone were discussed in addition to the current impact on West African Nation.

Sierra Leone Report 124 29 September 2014