Sierra Leone has released its latest official situation report compiled by the Ministry of Health. The report is released independently of the World Health Organization’s Roadmap updates. The report includes data recorded until the 4th of October 2014. The 358 new cases and 265 deaths reported during the lockdown still seem to be omitted from official data and reports.

The official CFR nationally is reported at 28.1% based on confirmed cases which excludes deaths that occur outside of medical facilities. 678 of the 831 deaths listed are confirmed as resulting from Ebola out of a total of 2727 cases which have been reported since the 23rd of May 2014. A sharp increase for the 4th of October is attributed to a large set of test results which arrived from a Chinese laboratory.

The New York Times reported earlier that critical medical supplies have been stuck in Freetown’s port awaiting customs clearance from the local Government. It seems that a matter of covering the shipping costs is at the heart of the delay. It is worrying given the urgency of need for supplies to help combat the outbreak that such delays would exist.

Contact tracing in Sierra Leone continues according to the report with 7734 contacts having made it past the 21 day incubation period without exhibiting symptoms and 8239 contacts currently being monitored by the Health Ministry. 37 contacts seen in the last 24 hours are reportedly ill but not yet confirmed as suspected cases of Ebola. Only 27 contacts were not interviewed in the 24 hours leading up to the report.

Sierra Leone Situation Report – 5 October 2014