Several pages and posts have started to appear across social media networks claiming that a cure for Ebola is available for a reasonable fee. In most cases the claim is that a Chinese Remedy or similar exists and can be obtained from the poster for a fee ranging from $10-$100.

The problem here is fairly obvious since there is certainly no evidence that any cure for Ebola exists at this point. Currently¬†most drugs that have been officially tested lack sufficient evidence to warrant their mass production and use. Therefore it it safe to assume that anyone claiming to have such a “cure” is certainly guilty of fear mongering and offering false hope for people in high risk zones. More seriously these individuals may feel that they are protected by these medications and enter high risk zones drastically increasing the chance of contracting the disease. Afflicted persons may also resort to these “cures” in an effort to avoid medical facilities or isolation resulting in further spread of the virus.

Continuous education around the facts of Ebola is key to stopping the spread of this terrible disease. Ideas like these have the unfortunate effect of creating confusion and rely on spreading misinformation to obtain sales. The current increase in infections is a worrying situation and everything possible must be done to stop the outbreak.

However, this is not simply gullible people. Reports of sick individuals being turned away from hospitals due to overcrowding has left many people in the hot zones feeling hopeless and it is only natural that they will seek alternatives. In this way failure to provide adequate treatment options for desperate people also encourages the acceptance of false information and hope. The fight against Ebola will certainly need more volunteers and donations in order to keep up. Without large scale intervention and greater awareness it is expected that more and more of these magic “cures” will appear across the Internet and within the local communities.

It is critical that any person with Ebola or suspecting that they have come into contact with the virus seeks urgent medical advice.