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8 October WHO Situation Update

The latest Situation Report has been released by the World Health Organization with data reported up until the 4th of October 2014 for Liberia and 5th of October for Sierra Leone and Guinea. Liberia reports 77 more deaths than confirmed cases while Sierra Leone reports 86 more deaths than confirmed cases. Reporting continues to suffer as the situation worsens in the 3 hardest hit countries. The official case total for the West African outbreak has increased to 8011 with 3857 deaths reported.

The report has a general worrying sentiment with all three regions described as deteriorating. Liberia is noted for extreme difficulties in acquiring data and the concern of widespread under reporting of cases is echoed in the report. Media reports from Liberia have been spotty after the Government allegedly began interfering with the media. Reports from individuals on the ground indicate a growing concern at the status of general infrastructure and facilities in Liberia.

The report includes data on beds available per country and the current capacity. Liberia reports 21% coverage suggesting that at least 2300 Ebola patients are without proper treatment facilities in the country. Media reports indicate that Sierra Leone is facing a strike among burial teams resulting in slow removal of bodies which will certainly impact the situation further. The situation in Senegal, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo remains stable.

USA still lists one case but the data has not yet been updated to indicate the passing of America’s first Ebola patient. Data from Spain is not included in the report and will likely be contained in a report later this week. Minimal data is reported regarding the number of contacts for the US however it is reported by the Media as between 80 and 100 with at least 10 considered high risk. Spain has admitted 5 cases for testing and at least 30 contacts are being monitored.

WHO Ebola Update 8 October 2014

South African National Held for Ebola Test

A South African woman in transit through Nigeria has been isolated by officials after reporting vomiting and diarrhea on her health questionnaire required to enter the country. Reuters is reporting that the woman has been working in Sierra Leone and Guinea since April this year and was en route back to South Africa.

The Nigerian port authorities are taking the incident seriously since the South African national had been working in high risk areas. Although the symptoms are shared with many other common diseases in Africa, it is important to rule out Ebola before allowing the woman to continue her travels home.

In several suspected cases this week the results after testing for the virus have been negative, however, in this case where the individual was working in outbreak zones the fear is amplified. Nigerian officials have indicated that testing would take several days. The Italian case this week had results within 24 hours, however, testing facilities may currently be under pressure with potential backlogs from suspected cases currently awaiting confirmation of diagnosis.

Several possible cases are being reported per day outside of the high risk zones and have to date all been false alarms. Despite this it is still important for port authorities to continue their prudent behavior in an effort to prevent further spread of the lethal disease.

The identity of the Cape Town resident is being kept secret for the time being and the South African government is yet to comment on the incident. While this is not the first suspected case involving a South African citizen it is already making news around the world.

Update: The South African has tested negative for the Ebola virus

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