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2nd Possible Ebola Case In France

Less than 24 hours after a false alarm in Paris a suspected case has been upgraded to “Probable” in the French Capital. French Media are reporting that a woman who has a travel history including Liberia has been isolated on strong suspicion of an Ebola infection. It is understood that the woman is not a French national or a health worker. Reports indicate a probability that Ebola will be confirmed once the test results are available despite initial testing being negative for the hemorrhagic fever causing virus. Results of the second test are expected during the course of Friday evening.

Yesterday saw France isolating a public building for nearly two hours when an African man showed Ebola-like symptoms. After investigation the case was deemed a false alarm and the building was released from isolation. Recent outbreaks in the USA and Spain have raised awareness globally resulting in dozens of cautionary isolations and testing around the world.

France is considered to have one of the highest risks for Ebola ‘importation’ according to statistical models developed in recent weeks. The most recent mathematical models indicated a 75% chance that Ebola will reach France before the end of October 2014. The two suspected cases have both appeared in Paris. An Ebola outbreak in a major city center is considered a worst case scenario by many medical experts.

UPDATE: It is understood that the woman is an American.

UPDATE: The French Health Ministry has announced that future reports will only be made if an Ebola case is positive.

Ebola Update – 9 October 2014

Here is a list of the developments today.

  • The suspected Ebola patient that was discussed in a Press Conference in Frisco, Texas yesterday is currently showing no signs of Ebola. Dallas County’s Sergeant. Michael Monnig entered the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan was staying on official instruction to obtain a quarantine order. None of the people who entered the apartment that day wore protective gear.
  • The suspected Ebola case in South Africa has not yet been confirmed as the deadly disease but relevant hospital staff and the patient were placed in isolation after tests were delivered to the Virologist. So far no one has confirmed whether it is Ebola or another hemorrhagic fever. All remaining staff underwent disinfection measures.
  • A 56 year old man, who returned from Liberia 22 days ago, was hospitalized in Prague, Czech Republic. The patient was showing symptoms similar to EVD. Blood samples were sent to Berlin, Germany. According to local news test results will be available tomorrow.
  • Dallas, Texas Hospitals have begun setting up Ebola wards in case of any future cases. The strategy is largely in preemptive and not an indication that they are expecting an epidemic.
  • A building with 60 people inside was quarantined near Paris today. Authorities later confirmed that it was just a false alarm and no signs of anyone having Ebola were found.
  • A 57 year old Australian woman named as Sue Kovack has been hospitalized in Cairns, Australia. She had volunteered for the Red Cross in West Africa. Sue was on a mandatory home isolation put in place for volunteers working in affected countries. She also adhered to protocols which dictated that she take her temperature twice a day. Test results are expected late Thursday evening, or early Friday morning (Australian Eastern Time).
  • A British man suspected of having Ebola has died in the Republic of Macedonia. He sought treatment at the Clinic of Infectious Disease in the country’s capital Skopje. A second man believed to have the disease has been admitted to the same Hospital. Tests are currently underway.
  • The Spanish Nurse, Maria Teresa Romero Ramos is reported to be deteriorating quickly. Amid her fight against the disease some Spanish medical staff are now cancelling their contracts and refusing to treat Ebola patients. Spain also had protests this week regarding the country’s decision to euthanize the Nurse’s pet, Excalibur. The Government also faced protests around the general handling of the entire situation.

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