Details have begun to emerge surrounding the first confirmed case of Ebola in Europe. The nurse who contracted the virus during treatment of a repatriated priest in Madrid was confirmed as the first case in Spain yesterday.  The Spanish Health Ministry announced the diagnosis during a Press Conference.

  • 30 Contacts which are mostly Health Care workers have been identified
  • The nurse monitored her temperature twice a day
  • A mild fever developed on the 30th of September
  • Protective gear was worn but may not have been level 4 appropriate
  • Her suit was inspected before and after treating the patient
  • She attended to the patient on two occasions
  • The hospital has isolated her but is not confirmed as containment capable
  • The nurse could have been contagious for 5 days before isolation
  • She is not in the same hospital where she treated the Ebola patient
  • Some reports claim that she is a nursing assistant not a full nurse
  • Contact tracing has begun
  • The nurse will be moved to “La Paz-Carlos III”
  • A second suspected case is likely but not officially confirmed

Spectators from around the world have voiced their concern at the transmission of Ebola to a trained Health Care worker in a European country. Western hospitals are claimed to be some of the best in the world and it is difficult to imagine that the correct precautions were not taken. Human error and potential misunderstandings around the transmission of the EVD may have played a part.

The repatriation of Ebola patients has been a controversial topic around the world. Many people are deeply conflicted by the conundrum of bringing a citizen back to their home when they’ve become infected while treating Ebola in the affected West African Countries.