Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who was the first case of Ebola diagnosed on American soil is reportedly receiving the experimental drug, Brincidofovir. The drug is being developed by Chimerix and shows activity against herpes simplex viruses, adenoviruses and has shown some results against Ebola in preliminary trials. The World Health Organisation a while ago cleared the way for experimental drugs to be used against Ebola given the seriousness of the virus. The use of the drug is welcomed in light of the criticism that surfaced related to the handling of his case by the CDC and Texas Health Officials.

Meanwhile, a Spanish nurse has contracted the virus from a patient who was flown to Madrid to receive treatment. Norway is also in the process of repatriating a citizen who was working for Doctors without Borders but assured the public that all necessary protocols will be taken. The public has been urged to remain calm by many governments around the world concerned that unnecessary fear-mongering could lead to unrest. Many airlines around the world have already cut the amount of flights they offer to the affected countries and governments are concerned that calls to close borders could become louder and mainstream.

The experimental drug offers a ray of light since ZMapp supplies became limited. Currently there is no vaccine available but GlaxoKlineSmith in partnership with the NIAID, and ¬†Newlink in partnership with the Department of Defense are the two front-runners in the research race. Duncan’s infection led to a spate of contacts and numerous people have been placed in isolation since. The European Health Care System will now be placed under the same scrutiny as that of the US since the initial results confirmed the Nurse’s infection. The Spanish Health Ministry is expected to hold a Press Conference later today.