President Obama of the United States addressed growing concerns relating to the West African Ebola outbreak earlier today commending the CDC for effort and progress to date, particularly noting CDC members and staff serving in the infected countries.

The President reiterated that although an outbreak in America was unlikely extra precautions were already being taken with flight crews being trained to spot EVD symptoms and local hospitals training in safety and treatment protocols required for disease management. In the event of an American Ebola outbreak the country would be ready to deal with the disease with sufficient capacity available to treat and manage the virus.

Commenting on the West African outbreak President Obama was clear in his message that the situation has become dire with immediate and strong action required to bring the outbreak under control saying that, “Ebola is now an Epidemic, of the like we have not seen before.” A major response is required and the President reminded the American People that Ebola was not just an African Problem but rather one for the entire world.

In addition to the Military support offered in Liberia, the USA would also contribute and facilitate the provision of hospital beds, isolation units, field hospitals and information kits. The safety of Americans would remain paramount but an emphasis on the global threat Ebola poses has necessitated the need for a global response with organizations and other key players needing to deliver on their promises faster than previously expected.

The USA’s priorities in response to Ebola are to contain the outbreak and address the potential effects on local economies and social structures to avoid a humanitarian disaster. Coordination of a global response and the expansion of public health services and facilities in developing countries are also considered critical in the fight against the disease.