A Press Conference was held today to discuss the handling of a potential Ebola patient at Cobb Country Jail, Georgia. Dr. Fitzgerald spoke about how the situation was dealt with claiming it “worked perfectly.” She confirmed that at present “all labwork is negative and normal”. She had submitted the final test to the CDC.

The patient confirmed that he traveled out of the country to Liberia and had spent time in Nigeria as well. The patient was suffering from nausea and vomiting when he was taking to hospital and isolated. All involved had the proper protective gear. It was also confirmed that staff members had not yet had contact with the family, nor had the Sheriff, Neil Warren.

“There is no reason to test anyone else at this point,” claimed Dr. Fitzgerald offering his immediate isolation as justification. This comes on the heels of the first confirmed Ebola case in the US which was heavily criticized due to the fact that the patient was sent home from the emergency room for two days which lead to roughly 100 contacts.

It was stressed that Ebola was a fluid virus and could cause you to become infected if you touch infected fluid and then a susceptible part of your body, and it was also mentioned that you are only at risk if you have traveled to West Africa and have a fever or if you’ve had contact with someone who has Ebola.

Officials also congratulated the county calling it the “best partnership” and said that people in Cobb should be proud. It “was all of us working together,” they noted. The apparent successful intervention will no doubt boost confidence of Americans in their healthcare system.

The results will be available between 21:00 and 00:00 tonight according to Dr. Fitzgerald.