The World Health Organization has published it’s Roadmap Update which now includes data from Spain. The official case count now totals 8470 including the initial outbreaks in Nigeria, Senegal, Spain, the United States of America as well as the unrelated outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 4076 deaths have been reported across all regions. WHO noted serious concerns about the quality of data provided in recent reports from the so called “hot zone” countries earlier this week. Based on current data the growth of the outbreak is no longer exponential if the data is accurate.

The World Health Organization has been particularly active this week raising several concerns about the global impact of Ebola. East Asia is considered to be at risk according to WHO. The large trade and transport hubs in the region are of particular concern. The first transmission of Ebola in Spain raised additional alarm bells and resulted in announcements that further cases in Europe would be inevitable.

Liberia remains of particular concern. A report from the Health Ministry today showed no new cases raising concerns around the ability of the country to collect data on the outbreak. Journalists and Media have been banned from being near Ebola treatment centers or making contact with Ebola patients without explicit permission from the Health Ministry. Speculation about the situation in Liberia has been fierce and generally concerning.

Guinea has seen a significant increase in the number of patients particularly in Conakry where Donka Ebola management center has been severely stretched by a large intake of patients. The center is now well over its 60 bed capacity after admitting at least 22 patients on the 6th of October.

WHO Road-map 10/10/2014