Margaret Chan briefed the media a short while ago providing an update on the 2014 Ebola outbreak while calling for greater International support in the fight against the fatal disease. The Director-General echoed the ongoing sentiment that the greatest need was for people to volunteer as they struggle to keep up with the rate of new infections.

According to the World Health Organization the number of cases has risen to 4784 with the death toll creeping over the 2400 mark. The latest numbers are likely to be included into the number of models and calculations attempting to predict the path of the outbreak. WHO predicted in August that 20000 infections could occur before the virus is contained.

Other scientists and doctors have been outspoken about their far more terrifying predictions and calculations with many predicting as much as 10000 infections by the end of September. Several suspected cases that have tested negative have also appeared across the globe during the week increasing the general fear and concern around the world.

Several aid commitments have been made this week including some large financial contributions. However, it is clear that the fight against Ebola will require significant resources leading the Director-General to reiterate that the war against Ebola could not be won without such.

Perhaps most concerning was the confirmation of media and internet reports this week that Liberia no longer has capacity or beds to accommodate additional Ebola patients justifying fears that individuals may be turned away at hospitals or be forced to seek alternative treatments.

Under reporting of cases remains a problem and with the situation worsening it will become more difficult to track infections and deaths related to Ebola over the coming weeks. The planned lock downs in certain regions are likely to exasperate the situation as infected individuals may remain unaccounted for.